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Dana NEACSU, Founder and Managing Editor

Dana was born in Romania, on May 20, 1933 at exactly 9:52 PM, according to official records. Dana loves NYC and her spirited girls, Zoe and Izzie, in reverse order. She teaches legal research, writes bloody novels, and was awarded a PhD for watching late night TV.


Rufus DAVIS,  Contributor

Rufus was born in NYC long ago. He is married and has two daughters. He lives in NYC and can often be found playing hockey at area rinks. Rufus used to read a lot of books but these days feels lucky to get through the newspaper and write something for The Pothole View. Improbably, he works in financial services.

Calin GEORGESCU, Contributor

Calin, a business executive with a creative background,  is an expert in advertising, writing, and multi-media publishing. He was born in Bucharest in 1962. Calin graduated in Filmology and Screenwriting. He currently lives in Romania.


Born on Long Island, N.Y., Neil went to a couple of different colleges; hitch-hiked around Europe got thrown out of Ireland; worked in a mental hospital in lieu of military draft. Surfed wherever and whenever he could. Learned to be a carpenter on Fire Island, moved to Nantucket had children got divorced and wrote poetry the whole damn time.

George MURPHY, Contributor

George MURPHY was born in London in 1947. In spite of his schooling, he attended the University of York, graduating with a BA in philosophy. MURPHY then made something of a living as an artist. He sojourned in Italy before moving to the US. When he wrote for TPV he resided in Harlem, NY.

Jason GULYAContributor

When he was writing for TPV, Jason GULYA was working on his Ph.D. in English Literature at Rutgers University, and had a particular interest in representations of religion and spirituality in English literature.

As a corollary of this interest, he is fascinated with representation in general—and, hence, media and art have become his hobby-horses.

Jerome ELLISContributor

Jerome ELLIS is a composer, improviser, and performer. He often works with storyteller James Monaco as the music-storytelling duo James and Jerome (jamesandjerome.org). As a composer he was awarded a 2015 Fulbright Fellowship to research traditional samba performance and write new music in Salvador, Brazil. Recent solo projects include Variations and The River (Symphony No. 1). He is also an apprentice piano technician with Floating Piano Factory, as well as a translator from Portuguese.

Heath MAYHEW, Contributor

Heath MAYHEW shies away from the spotlight, except when it comes to helping Dana translate Puiu JIPA’s poetry.




MARQUEL has been the best New York Times Correspondent TPV ever had.


Jerome RAMOSContributor

Jerome likes playing hockey. Sometimes he writes about his sport, too.



Ibrahim MALICKContributor

Ibrahim MALICK found some time to write for TPV, as well.


CHROSHONDALA, as herserlf

Once upon a time there was Chris Chrispy. With him gone, Chroshondala went away, too.


Puiu JIPAContributor

Puiu JIPA is an artist. His art is life, a changing stage. Otherwise he is an actor, a director, and a poet.



Jeff MICHAEL, Contributor

A promising young writer, MICHAEL loves sports.