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NSA Glitch Interferes with White House Email to Our Team Fighting the Cold War in Sochi

The NSA might be an American invention but it works as smoothly as a soviet institution. Having lost the list of names identifying whose Internet it bugs, the NSA is now spying on the mother White House itself, either delaying or even misdirecting its emails. Luckily, TPV received this important message from the president to our boys and girls fighting the last remnants of the cold war in Sochi. Like a good patriot we are, here is our reposting of the president’s email, to which we add our own best wishes! Go for the gold team USA! The German team has won the rainbow!

The White House Friday, February 7, 2014
Good Luck, Team USA!

Good Luck, Team USA!

The Winter Olympics kick off tonight, and people across the globe will be watching.

As Team USA represents us on the world stage and goes for the gold, folks here at home will be cheering them on every step of the way.

President Obama recorded a special message of his own for Team USA.

Watch President Obama’s message to some of our nation’s greatest athletes — then watch the Games tonight.

Watch: President Obama's message to Team USA

Stay Connected! Remain alert! The NSA is everywhere!


  1. Have you heard our NBC commentators? They were saying that Peter the Great lived in teh 19th century. Doofus NBC!

  2. Wow! that’s all I can say. Wow! Bravo Russia. Bravo Russian people. You did it at Stalingrad. You did it again last night.

  3. TPV you’re the only fair and balanced Olympic commentator. and you’re making fund of everything as you see it…I’m proud of you, and proud to read you everyday.


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