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Blame It on the Rain? No, Blame It on Christie

 I better say this before it’s already been said (although I’m sure somewhere it has been uttered): It’s not clear what caused the epic failure of mass transit after the Super Bowl, although one could speculate that another study was in conduct….

okay, now that I got that out of the way, let’s be serious for just a moment. 

New Jersey had a long time to plan for the Super Bowl, and in fact, asked that Super Bowl attendees take mass transit.  Yet, some sources suggest that New Jersey officials underestimated the amount of travelers.  It’s said somewhere between 28,000 and 33,000 riders took to the transit system… New Jersey guesstimated that only 12,000 to 15,000 would take mass transit.  We’re not talking about slight miscalculation; we’re talking about two times the amount of riders that New Jersey expected.  Shouldn’t they have aimed at a high estimate, just in case?  The lame (I mean really really really lame) excuse was, as quoted in the New York Times,

“James Weinstein, New Jersey Transit’s executive director, said that many fans seemed to have decided on train travel at the last minute, suggesting that a cooler day might have convinced some to stay home.

Okay, but that does not explain why you estimated two times lower than the actually number!  15,000 people don’t just suddenly decide at the “last moment” to take the subway.  Doesn’t anyone else see through this baloney of an explanation?

There is one thing I won’t blame on Christie: the unbearably stifling stations.  With so many drunk and angry people crammed into the station, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see why it was so stifling. Although, it also does not take much imagination to conjure up a potential reason for such a situation:

How hot must you make a subway station before people begin to riot?Security

Apparently, it wasn’t hot enough…but, just to be safe, Christie did order 4,000 extra police officers.


Milli…so, what about blame it all on the rain?


  1. yeah…how do you explain the police force unless you had an idea about the people attending the event.

  2. Thanks for explaining the Super Bowl traffic I was wondering; they knew exactly how many people they had to move and were moving them on a fixed route, how could they mess it up? Le Christie!

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