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Got a Vagina, Sister?

Marquel, TPVs NYTimes You Go Girl Section correspondent, was trying on Halloween costumes when he read Cardiff University Rejects Bid to Bar Germaine Greer.

Officials at Cardiff University cited the importance of free speech after rejecting a student petition to ban a campus lecture by the feminist author Germaine Greer.

Marquel read the story several times. Germaine Greer? Maybe a bit upsetting in the 1960s, but today? She’s Ms Milquetoast in the twenty first century. What’s all the fuss about? The issue was clear but it seems nobody really wanted to talk about it. It seems Ms Greer is a real authentic feminist in the “originalist” mold. Marquel thought that she was sort of the justice Scalia of the feminist honour roll. She doesn’t have much truck with transgender. In her eyes, if you’ve never had a vagina, you’re just never going to be a girl.

When you put it that way, thought Marquel, it seems perfectly reasonable. If you’ve never had a vagina…  Well of course. If you’ve never had a vagina, you couldn’t be a girl, could you?

Ms Greer was very careful to say she’s all for people cutting off their penises and wearing dresses. That seemed in fact to appeal to her.
Marquel could almost hear her whispering, “yeah I’d like to be there and help in the operation,” but that’s not really her position. Have all the transgender operations that please you, she has said consistently. Just don’t say you’ve made a girl. Cause you can’t be a girl if you haven’t grown up with a vagina nearby. Inside, actually.
 But the students apparently don’t want to hear any of this even though Ms Greer wasn’t even going to discuss this topic.
They apparently believe that a large number of women sans vaginas have been hurt by Ms Greer and she should be Persona non grata on campus. Without even a vagina check.
Marquel is among that group of pundits who believe Ms Greer would pass this test with flying colors. And Bruce Jenner, for the first time in his life would be completely out of the running.
Although mentioning Marquel’s three volume tome soon coming from Oxford university press, entitled, “The Penis & Its Implications,” the message was the same. “Got a vagina, sister?” Could easily carry most of the weight of the Greer-Cardiff scandal.
Let’s face it, it’s not just for convenience that we demand a penis from a man and a vagina from a woman. I
n the old Talmudic tradition, it was Hillel the Elder who famously asked, ” if not now, then when, if not you, then who?” Marquel would add, “if no vagina, then what?”
He thinks Germaine would agree, and is adding it to his Oxford tomes.
By MARQUEL: Got a Vagina, Sister?


  1. I don’t know if I could say you are gross because it is all so poetic in a very twisted way


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