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Inexplicable Daily Events – IDE – Olive Oil or Billy Joel?

Inexplicable Daily EventsIDE – are notable events hard to spoof. For this Memorial Day Weekend here are two IDE shockingly related in their lack of proportion.

First comes the EU controversy on the use of olive oil jugs in restaurants. On a continent where restaurants open to the middle class public may soon disappear — for lack of customers, the ban EU wanted to introduce as a directive until last Friday seemed ominous because it regulated something which did not need regulation. It indicated perhaps the EU economic potential.

Then comes the news that Billy Joel of Movin’ Out fame (http://youtu.be/-UBpt1dya60) suddenly found the cause to his multiple car accidents: his 9/11 induced depression. And then he repeated, “It was not the alcohol.”

Now, TPV likes both dipping oil — within limits — and New York State of Mind — a lot –, so choosing which one to spoof was impossible.

[youtube id= UZh8YjbDiVk width=470 height=315]


  1. How about a combination of the two stories – Americans of my generation learned from Happy Days that drinking a little olive oil will prevent one from getting drunk.

    Maybe Billy Joel stopped at [his] Italian Restaurant before getting behind the wheel : bottle of red, bottle of white, couple sips of extra virgin.

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