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Rick Perry’s Words: Chosen, Not Spoken


This may not be news to you, but it took us a bit longer than expected to assemble an internationally renowned team which could carefully decipher Rick Perry’s comparison between alcohol and homosexuality.  To the naked eye and ear it may seem evident that he is tacitly admitting to being both a closet alcoholic and homosexual, but at TPV’s HQ no one is naked and generally speaking, in Texas words don’t always say what they say.

Here are Gov. Perry’s own words:

“Whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle or not, you have the ability to decide not to do that,” Perry said during an appearance at the Commonwealth Club of California, according to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. “I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way.”

(Washington Post; June12, 2014.  by Sean Sullivan).

Perry’s original comments came during a conversation about “reparative,” or gay conversion, religious therapy that Texas Republicans formally endorsed in their party platform just this week. Practitioners of the controversial therapy claim to be able to turn homosexuals straight  with a variety of techniques that critics argue are both psychologically damaging and ineffective.

[embedyt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNzHfZgBGCI[/embedyt]Remember Bruno? He tried it too … in vain.

This is not really all that surprising to TPV staffers.  Governor Perry has been known for using religion and law to curb his enthusiasm for alcohol and homosexual activities.  Just look at his current campaign to make same-sex marriage unconstitutional in Texas!

Take this writer for instance, I can commiserate with the Governor’s plight: once I found out that crack was illegal, my crack pipe making days were over.  It’s amazing how the law impacts the psychologies of individuals.  Genetics, schementics.

Not sure when Gov. Perry will explicitly admit to TPV’s finding, because when we tried contacting his office, we were denied an interview with the Governor, under the pretext that he was taking a nap to overcome his genetics.

But all differences aside, there is a lot of Biblical truth in the Governor’s position.  Both homosexuality and alcohol effect us in the same way: slurred speech, seeing double, puking on frat row, annual death toll of 33,561 highway accidents, etc.

We hope Gov. Perry remains strong.  KCCO!



AMERICANISM: Rick Perry’s Words: Chosen, Not Spoken




  1. The Bible sez for it is better for you that [one of] your member[s] should perish

    Matthew 5.29 (Internets edition)

  2. Thanks TPV – you’ve got Gov. Perry on the run. Bravo!
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry has acknowledged it was a mistake for him to explain his views. [ed.]

    WASHINGTON — Texas Gov. Rick Perry has acknowledged it was a mistake for him to compare alcoholism and homosexuality in an effort to explain his views.

    Perry said Thursday at a forum hosted by The Christian Science Monitor that he “stepped right in it” after being asked during a trip to California last week if homosexuality is a disorder.

    Perry said at the time that if he had the “genetic coding” to be an alcoholic, he still has the choice not to drink. He told the Commonwealth Club of California that he looks “at the homosexual issue as the same way.”

    The governor, a potential Republican candidate for president, explained Thursday that tolerance should be extended to all groups.

    He says he should have kept focused on the importance of creating jobs.

  3. Keep up the good work!
    “reparative,” or gay conversion, religious therapy that Texas Republicans formally endorsed in their party platform…

    critics argue are both psychologically damaging and ineffective.

    In Texas a crucial step in this therapy involves pruning sheers.

    As for those “critics,” everyone knows there are pluses and minuses with all psycho-medical procedures.

    For instance, your 501s are going to hang a little funny for a while, and the no underwear thing is probably over for you.

    On the other side, you’ll find your mind clearer and more focused during bible study and most fellas find new resonance in those Old Testicle parables.

  4. This:

    “at TPV’s HQ no one is naked”

    was a little disappointing, let your readers dream.

  5. I liked:

    generally speaking, in Texas words don’t always say what they say.

    And, as always, lovely graphic.

    Nice writing!

    BTW. Don’t give up the dream – just say the pipes are for good old, wholesome Tobacco (but not for kiddies…)


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