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If everybody else has seven ordinary days every cycle, TPV has seven days of wonder, and here is what fell through the hole this past week:

On Sunday, President Obama woke up and took a morning break to assess the cyber-security threat Moscow had created when it helped America’s DNC become transparent and democratic:

“These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the US election process,” Jeh Johnson whispered into Obama’s ear. “Such activity is not new to Moscow-the Russians have used such activities since they invented the word Bolshevik.”

On Monday, the London Review of Books remembered the late Christopher Hitchens’ joke:

Why did Bill Clinton cross the road? Because he wanted to get to the middle.’

But, why does Billary cross the road? Sincerely, she’s being pushed to cross the road, and those drugs work miracles. Nevertheless, remembering Hitchens here’s something worth musing about Billary, our next presidential, two-headed leader.

At an early White House meeting between the Harvard group and Hillary Clinton, the case for a straightforward National Health Bill was put by Dr David Himmelstein. As he recalls the exchange:

Can you realistically tell me, she asked, that there are any big powers that support ‘single payer’ and that can take on the insurance industry’s lobbying and advertising budget? I said: ‘About 70 per cent of the people in the US favour something like a single-payer system. With Presidential leadership, that can be an overwhelming force.’ She said: ‘David, tell me something interesting.’

Tuesday, there was a show on TV about the vice-presidential debate, but the game is so rigged, I know the score: Billary.

Wednesday, thankfully, Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris, but ungratefully, the queen of Twitter missed this self-promotional moment.

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-naissance-de-noth-westThursday, to fund some of her upcoming jewelry purchase rush, Kim agreed to participate in Hitchcock’s remake, North by North-West and she released this old picture.

On Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he had seen Kim’s release and felt a tingling of something somewhere in or near his body. Not knowing what it was Ryan spoke up against a 2005 surreptitious recording of his adversary’s comments about women.

I have giggled at this tape many times before, I mean at both Kim’s and Donald’s, but I was finally told to take a stance. So, here I am to say, women are to be championed and revered as selfie-takers, child-bearers and givers, and during football games, as beer givers, too.

We, at TPV are unmoved. We are still reading about ‘Troopergate’, which had to do with Bill Clinton’s sexual appetite as recalled by his former bodyguards. We were not in the mighty USA then, so that behavior was totally new to us. Thus, reading about the 1990s, the decade Billary promises to bring back to America, we learned that governor Bill was described, in the words of a local saying, as a hard dog to keep on the porch.

“This would scarcely be worth mentioning if the leaders of official American feminism had not rallied to Bill’s defence and rallied, furthermore, by pointing to the relative trashiness of some of the women who have complained. Excuse me, but it is surely uneducated and impressionable girls like Paula Jones – vulnerable to predatory superiors and working on short-term contracts – for whose protection the sexual harassment laws were specifically designed. As ever, it is the class element in this dismal narrative that bears watching.”

Wow Hitchens, and it seems that Trump is paying now for being the second coming of a misogynist.

On Saturday, Obama woke up and asked while having his morning break,

So, is it over yet? When is Billary moving in? I’d like to go shoot some hoops before I make it to my new quarters, the Supreme Court House to replace Scalia.


By DANA NEACSU: TheWeekholeView