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TheWeekholeView: November 14 through November 20, 2012

Here each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week: Last Wednesday, November 14, 2012, The New York Times published the following quote:

If the C.I.A. director can get caught, it’s pretty much open season on everyone else.


executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington, on cybersecurity investigations.

We, at TPV are crossing our fingers for something juicier.

On Thursday, November 15, 2012, President re-elect Obama visited NYC. When asked why he did not do it earlier, he said that Mayor Bloomberg had already endorsed his re-election so why bother. We wonder why he bothered now. To do some fast holiday shopping, we say.

On Friday, November 16, 2012, Michael Bloomberg tried to assuage NYC victims of Storm Sandy by calling it in his weekly radio address, Super Storm Sandy. No one felt better.

On Saturday, November 17, 2012, The New York Times finally published the results of its own investigation that the NYC tunnels are vulnerable to storm surges. If called we at TPV could have told the venerable newspaper that conclusion much earlier.

On Sunday, November 18, 2012, Washington just learned that in Gaza, after bombing a caged population incessantly, the line between militants and population is thin, thus the conundrum to kill them all or not.

On Monday, November 19, Senator McCain called for former President Bill Clinton to lead the Israel-Palestinian cease-fire talks pointing out Clinton’s ability to call white black and black white. Asked to oint out to the evidence, McCain answered. “I still don’t know what constitutes sex after having watched the President’s deposition in the Paula Jones case, and neither does my wife.”

Unfortunately, Tuesday, November 20, 2012, was a sad day. Kevin Clash, the longtime voice of “Elmo,” the beloved “Sesame Street” red monster who speaks with a squeaky voice, was forced to resign after a $5 million lawsuit labeled him a pedophile who trolled telephone chat rooms in a hunt for underage lovers. The accusations came from a 24 young man who had not known he suffered emotional distress at the hands of Elmo 9 years ago until he met with his lawyers, our private investigator divulged.