Memorable 2015

At TPV we do not have an in-house photographer, but the White House has a few. Here are some beautiful photos from the White...

Maybe Mary Was a Virgin after all

John Boehner moistened to the Pope's speech, publicly cried, and announced his resignation. This should make the anti Planned Parenthood moves less likely. Maybe there IS...

How Does Hillary Clinton Make You Feel? Tell TPV in Three Emojis or Less.

If you thought Hillary's team's clever, think again. And here's our contest: How Does Hillary Clinton Make You Feel? Tell TPV in Three Emojis or...

Awakening in New York with Maya

Taking the subway is a cultural event I enjoy dearly. This is for you from Maya Angelou, via TPV. Enjoy!

Terrible Collateral Damage: Best NYC Belgian Fries

While TPV's world headquarters are only blocks away, TPV refused to spend too many hours watching the fire destroy some posh tenement building. But when...

Miami Herald Describes 23°C As Minor God-Sent Nuisance.

"Jeb Bush," said Rick Scott, "that is man-made trouble." *** TPV: Miami Herald Describes 23°  As Minor God-Sent Nuisance. 

Mustard. A McDonald’s Worker’s Best Friend

Here is the testimonial of a McDonald's worker: One day, under pressure to rush at my job at McDonald's, I slipped on a wet floor. I...

TPV Congratulates Putin on the Elimination of Boris

TPV would like to assert its allegiance to Putin and make sure that he understands whenever we criticize him is with the greatest affection....

NYTimes: Was Brian Williams a Victim of False Memory?

...then Why were his pants on fire?

NYT: Obama to Request Research Funding for Treatments Tailored to Patients’ DNA

... FBI defends new national compulsory DNA registry, as 'for a good cause.'

NYT: How Auschwitz Is Misunderstood

... occasionally by the blind or deaf, but usually by Nazis...and the French.

NYT: Searching for Sex

...and saying ,'excuse me,' when you find it

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