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Legislative Pu$$ies – TPV Readers Revolt

It may come as a surprise to many of you, but TPV has readers. Not enough to make us a Politico, but enough to be witty even when our wittiness has dried out.

Our readers have revolted as bedlam erupts in the House over gun control (whatever that means in the United States of NRA).

[No offense to our lady legislators, or felines intended]

But come on GUYS! If some of those so called legislators had been packing heat, there wouldn’t have been bedlam but rather the mutual respect and appropriate decorum that comes from knowing your good friend and esteemed colleague could blast your sorry ass straight through to Summer recess. Where’s “Dirty” Harry Reid when we need him?
Remember, when we legislate firearms only legislators will have firearms, and that’s a start.
And here you have it, dear Congressional Pu$$ies!
Legislative Pu$$ies – TPV Readers Revolt


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