Happy Festivus to the RestofUS

Daily Journal 12-23-17 Donald J. Trump [TPV has exclusive access to some of Donald Trump’s journal entries thanks to our relationship with a soon to be former White House... Read more »

Why Would I Wear This?

In the spirit of the 2017 Holiday Season, TPV presents TPV’s Fashion Ethicist: “Why Would I Wear This?” “Why Would I Wear This?” To avoid distress?      ... Read more »

Statement on Fake News from Dean Baquet, Executive Editor, The New York Times

Dear Times Readers, The time has come for us to come clean. The jig is up. We did our best, but when you’re beat, you’re beat. It’s time for... Read more »

Sean Hannity, the Tough Crybaby

Sean Hannity is ethical. He’s not your run-of-the-mill opportunist. He never liked crybabies. Once he tweeted: I get the impression u r a crybaby whose candidate is losing, so... Read more »

United Flies the Sky

Every day brings out reasons to celebrate the free world. Here is another one, as told by a nice Christian man, Jayse D Anspach. Jayse was ready to return to... Read more »

The BUNYADI. Where Naked People Eat.

The revues are in, and if bathrobes are your hated clothes, then this is the place for you, ’cause bathrobes are only used at the bar. I loved the... Read more »

TPV Exclusive: Trump former PR man, John Miller, speaks with TPV

TPV (very) occasional contributor Rufus Davis was able to track down former Trump PR man John Miller and spoke with him by phone. Following is a transcript of the... Read more »

12 Days till New York Votes Against Hill-Billy and Her Love of Banks

It has been revealed Clinton pushed through the Panama Free Trade Deal at the same time that Sanders vocally opposed it, citing research warning that it would strictly limit the... Read more »

Pope Francis Flew over a Conscientious Objector

Marquel, TPVs NYTimes Confession Section correspondent was washing people’s feet in Central Park when tired he stopped and read that Kim Davis, Kentucky County Clerk, Met Pope Francis. The... Read more »

Coffee May Cut Melanoma Risk but Drinking It May Cause Insomnia

Coffee May Cut Melanoma Risk. Drinking coffee is associated with a reduced risk for skin cancer, a new study says, and adds that four cups a day reduces your chances... Read more »

TPV Ethicist-So Many Demands, So Much to Say

TPV has responded to a request from the editors at The Times for help in making their responses in the Sunday Magazine’s ‘The Ethicist’ column more complete. As always,... Read more »