Breaking Old News – White House Folks Work for The NY Times. And Vice Versa

TPV has finally something to say. Repeating itself.  We make a digital living off The New York Times. Especially its political experts. Their expertise? Staring at beautiful pictures. Scratch beautiful. The story is fun... Read more »

TheWeekholeView: What Shall We Watch When Not Sleeping?

Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week: Read more »

If You Feel like Saying No Today, Say It to the Koch Brothers

The great struggle of our time is to prevent the United States from becoming an oligarchic form of society in which the economic and political life of the nation is controlled by... Read more »

TheWeekholeView: This week TPV too is 34-year-old, Black and Gay

Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week: Read more »

AP Reporters Impressed with English-Speaking Foreigners

What makes an AP (associated press) reporter? Their ability to say “I’m a native speaker.” Of what language? Of course, American. Read more »

National Ignorance about the Chechens to Remain High

Tired of forwarding this Onion article Read more »

TheWeekholeView – Human Rights Organizations Dared to Say No to Drones. TPV Wonders Why

TPV is using the above visual without permission. TPV hopes that’s morally okay with both artists. Read more »

Do you want crap in your food? Inquires a Reader

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Chag Sameach: Wishing You a Happy Passover

The White House emailed us the letter below, and with gratitude we wish the TPV intern friend Chag Sameach, too.  The belated answer was due to our brief spring vacation in Whistler,... Read more »

Happy Holidays from the White House!

ThePotholeView is happy to announce that its founder received a holiday card from the White House. The card was addressed to the mysterious Ms. Neacsu, whose first name is and remains unclear.... Read more »

The Virtuosity of Nothingness

Today, The New York Times started its pro-Obama propaganda with a first-page article about how Obama plays to win. I found it boring until it became hilarious. Obama plays pool to win.... Read more »

News on the Health of Obama

 The Obama administration this week will try to encourage reluctant U.S. states to move forward with health insurance exchanges amid fears that time is running out for states to act on a... Read more »

The White House White Board Proved Ineffective in Explaining How Rich Whites and Blacks Should Be Equally Taxed … Higher

After US Senators, in a bi-partisan move, refused to consider implementing minimum higher taxes for the very rich, the White House stopped scribbling on a white board and handed out copies of Lewis... Read more »