American Jews Contemplate Safe Haven in Germany

As unbelievable as may read, not all Americans threw their Yarmulke in the air after the Muslim Ban. Curious as they may be to wait for just a while more, just until... Read more »

The Collage Party: ‘GRANDMA’

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Argo: The Tough Answer to a Tough Question

012), 120 min, Drama, History, Thriller; Story: A dramatization of the 1980 joint CIA-Canadian secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary Iran. (IMDB); Director: Ben Affleck, Screenplay: Chris... Read more »

A rightful bang

I say to you, if the world will ever look for a shorter way to go to hell, that shortcut will be revealed to the world by a retailer! This often overlooked... Read more »

Facebook Takes over Craig’s List (and Amy’s …)

I have always bought my soap according to TV ads. I continue to buy Dove soap whether my skin gets smoother or rougher because I believe ads to be truthful, and I... Read more »

The Almaviva Republican Party

For some, the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln. I am mentioning this because back in the time of Lincoln, the Southern Democrats were as powerful as they are today, but... Read more »

The Trouble with Chris

“Bad manners hide a big, true heart”. Most of the people from New Jersey State seem to keep this belief close to their chest; and they only part with it when they... Read more »

News on the Health of Obama

 The Obama administration this week will try to encourage reluctant U.S. states to move forward with health insurance exchanges amid fears that time is running out for states to act on a... Read more »

Another Disclosure from The Life of Ryan

Ryan, a 42-year-old Washington insider who has spent practically his entire career on Capitol Hill, has in recent years garnered national attention for his dramatic proposals to slash the federal budget.  The... Read more »

Nixon & Romney

“America is not better off than it was $1.8 trillion dollars ago.” Mitt Romney “I can take it. The tougher it gets, the cooler I get.” Richard M. Nixon Read more »

Is That Waldo?

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Derivative Works Better!

Derivative is usually the curse of small cultures. George Enescu, the greatest Romanian composer, is rather too Dvorakian in his compositions, so few outside his native land want to hear his melodic... Read more »

Giuliani Out of Presidential Race—Unsure of Lunch Plans

Oct 11 (Reuters) – Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Tuesday he will not enter the race for the Republican nomination to run for U.S. president in 2012. Giuliani said it... Read more »

Doomsday by Lars. Omen by Women. Why Europeans Feel Good When the End Is Nigh

Let’s face it, Melancholia, by Danish director, Lars von Trier, is not a crowd-pleasing feature for Americans. It’s about a woman who feels it’s OK to choose death over a life of... Read more »