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TPV Is Thankful for so Much

TPV is thankful to so many that here is only a handful of recipients:

  • Thank you Hillary for being so blindly ambitious that your run for the 2016 presidency will give TPV wonderful lines to come.

Thank you Bubba for your support.

  • Thank you to Tea Party for making it a tad harder for the GOP to do their destructive corporate work.

Thank you Colbert Report for giving up on satire in favor of a better paid gig.

  • Thank you ISIS for being so irrational and violent that no western military strategy can contain you, so the US can continue to waste whatever billions we have from the Chinese while ignoring all Americans who have less than a few million a year to spend on education, health care, and the rest.

Thank you Islam for finally taking over the secular mind of people spiritually crushed by vacuous commercialism, and hideous poverty – minds previously contained by soviet order or communal hope.

  • Thank you NSA and FCC for not interfering with us and our few thousands of readers – more than necessary.

Finally, thank you New York Times for being world-class shills and schlemiels and giving Marquel a journalistic job.


ThePotholeView: TPV Is Thankful for so Much



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