Canada’s Self-induced Anxiety Disorder

A panic attack brought on by the free-falling cannabis stocks on Friday, February 2nd manifested uncomfortable symptoms, Bloomberg news reported.  Some investors complained of uncontrollable sweats and chills, chest pains, rapid heartbeat, and... Read more »

Mitch McConnell to Fly to Brazil to Make Sure Temer Does Not Talk

Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr., senior United States Senator from Kentucky, and a member of the Republican Party, as well as the Majority Leader of the Senate since January 3, 2015 is to... Read more »

As Long as He Delivers, Trump Will Build Hotels

If anybody needed more reason for why Trump has not been deposed yet, here comes another great piece of writing: Trump delivers. Here is more on how Trump delivers from Ryan Rafaty and his The... Read more »

Eurovision 2017 Rediscovers Music

Salvador Sobral, 27, won Eurovision 2017 with his love ballad Amar Pelos Dois, which was written by his sister. He said on receiving the trophy: “We live in a world of fast... Read more »

Up Against the Wall [Motherfuckers]!

Marquel read the article, conscious of the fact that someone at the Times grew up in the sixties and has been using partial sayings like “up against the wall”, without the kicker,... Read more »

The Russian Homophobe Likes It Cold & Gray

There are Russian homophobes as there are American homophobes. While all homophobes seem to like it cold and gray, the Russian homophobe has wonderlust, while the American one is usually isolated in the... Read more »

American Jews Contemplate Safe Haven in Germany

As unbelievable as may read, not all Americans threw their Yarmulke in the air after the Muslim Ban. Curious as they may be to wait for just a while more, just until... Read more »

Furkini, Burkini, Bikini

Judging by how much media coverage the burkini has engendered, it comes as no surprise that TPV is covering it, too. Only more. Because the burkini is not adequate. It still shows... Read more »

Baby Dolls or Dolls

Some old men from far away countries marry dolls-like eight-year old children and kill them, involuntarily, immediately after the wedding. Other people from other far away countries are nicer. Maybe they can afford... Read more »

Будем здоровы! Or, with Love From Russia

In Russia, you often drink to your own health and say “Будем здоровы!” [bóo-deem zda-ró-vye”], which can be translated as “To our health!” but it actually means “to my own health.” When... Read more »

New York City & Calgary Sister Cities with Rouen

Breaking News, New York City, UN Headquarters  – In an unprecedented move, the mayors of New York City, #Calgary and #Rouen spoke in front of the General Assembly today to promote the... Read more »

Musical Abuse. German Style

Marquel TPVs NYTimes Abuse It Or Lose It Section correspondent, just discovered the meaning of life and decided to share it with TPV’s readers and the Over 200 Members of German Choir... Read more »

Increased Surveillance & the Global War on Terrorism

While the War on Terrorism may not have a leader, because   the United States are still incestuously linked to the despotic and oppressive Sunni regimes of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia... Read more »

The Russian Saviors – Woops!

Marquel, TPVs NYTimes The Friend Of My Friend Section correspondent, was checking his pulse when he read Iran Hands Over Stockpile of Enriched Uranium to Russi. The move fulfills an important step... Read more »