Nolan’s Dunkirk through the Eyes of a Father and Son

Dana Neacsu (friend of the Father): How did you experience Nolan’s Dunkirk? Calin Georgescu (Father): From Bucharest, naturally, I viewed Dunkirk in Romanian, so to speak. It’s hard, almost impossible, to define... Read more »

American Jews Contemplate Safe Haven in Germany

As unbelievable as may read, not all Americans threw their Yarmulke in the air after the Muslim Ban. Curious as they may be to wait for just a while more, just until... Read more »

Trump and the Terrorists Speaking the Same Language – Chaos

Recently TPV hosted a few scholars with money to vacation in NYC and had a discussion about Trump and terrorists. Terrorists may take a four year vacation starting Trump inauguration day. Analysts... Read more »

The Collage Party: ‘GRANDMA’

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Alien Art in the Latest Tom Cruise Movie

Alien Art in the Latest Tom Cruise Movie

Here is a thought: if a smart alien would want to conquer Europe all he should do is wait a little bit. Stand aside. Leave it alone for a while. Let the... Read more »

Godzilla vs. Putzilla

Ever wondered why the Russians never made any apocalyptic movies? They really could. But they didn’t. Think of Stalin. I am sure that the idea of a capitalistic dinosaur-like monster threatening the... Read more »

Advice on Referencing Hitler When Talking

When Putin is launching missiles across his Russian domain to test his red button, you may feel comfortable about counter-launching smart observations about how he reminds you of … Hitler. Read more »

Obama Is a Mistake, Says Microsoft Office Word

 Obama is a mistake, says Microsoft Office Word (MOW).  Read more »

About Those Russians Who Want to Bankrupt America And the Rookie Sent To Stop Them

Suppose you are the CIA and you find out that Russia is about to use the money bomb, which is the latest invention in mass destruction, and you know this because your... Read more »
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The Perks Of Being God

For just a moment, restrain yourself from delving into the Noah issue, and do not even touch the Noah movie debates. Keep it conceptual. Let’s just hold the Noah theme, and move... Read more »
President Obama's Talk with Russia's Vladimir Putin on Lindsay Lohan's Interview with Ellen DeGeneres

President Obama’s Talk with Russia’s Vladimir Putin on Lindsay Lohan’s Interview with Ellen DeGeneres

This weekend, the world held its breath a second longer as president Obama made a bold move: He called Vladimir Putin to negotiate a final option to what seems to be the most difficult... Read more »
Obama: "All Ukrainians Will Get American Citizenship". President's Plans to Discourage a Russian Invasion

Obama: “All Ukrainians Will Get American Citizenship”. The President’s Plan to Discourage a Russian Invasion

In a surprise move on the Ukrainean issue, President Obama announced that all Ukrainian citizens will also become American citizens, in what will be the largest citizenship award ceremony in the history... Read more »

Sneaking into Paradise with John Malkovich

“Michael Sturminger, give me your opera, theater, musicals,” I would have easily said plagiarizing Emma Lazarus at the end of The Giacomo Variations, Read more »

Inexplicable Daily Events: The Japanese Care. Congress Lunches on Wheat

We may not think that the Japanese are our keepers, Read more »